Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Understanding the mind of Cultist leaders

While we are familiar with the famous cultists leaders in the US such as Jim Jones, David Koresh and Marshal Appelwhite (Heavens gate), some of us however are alot less familiar with similar type of cultists among us, one of whom is "Rabbi" Shloma Hellbrans.

I mentioned his name before and it seemed to have upset some people (or should I say one person posting under a variety of nicknames) but having read a bit about the aforementioned rogue Messiahs I found a common theme among 99% of them, namely sexual impropriety.

Koresh sexually assaulted many of his followers some as young as 6. He sought to control every aspect of his followers lives particularly the sexual ones. He once decreed marriage to be illegal and ordered that all wives belong to the Messiah i.e. him.

Jones acted similarly ordering even male followers to submit to his perverted desires.

Colin Wilson in his excellent book "Rogue Messiahs" writes:

It is also taken for granted that sexual desire was a manifestation of the lower self. Noyes and Joseph Smith (founder of Mormonism) changed all that; it was they who added the sexual dimension to the concept of "messiah". Since then most Messiah's have been lechers or at least have added sexual potencies to their list of godlike qualities.
The obvious explanation-most messiahs are human beings who are a prey to the sexual impulse- is true but simplistic. Shabtai Tzvi whom no one ever accused of libertinism became a messiah when he was in his manic moods, flooded with a sense of exaltation that made him feel godlike. Jim Jones and David Koresh used sex for the same purpose. It reinforced their sense of power, of being more than human.
Hellbrans was once the darling of the Charedi community. Though long seen as a somewhat eccentric and strange fellow , many rallied to his support when he was arrested by the FBI several years ago. I remember the signs all over charedi neighborhoods appealing to people to help him. They viewed him as a holy martyr being persecuted by an Anti-Semitic American law-enforcement and Godless Zionists.
But over the last several years the tune has changed. Numerous allegations have surfaced of dangerous cult-like behavior on the part of Hellbrans. Though details have never been revealed -probably due to "modesty" reasons- they involve many complaints of a sexual nature. Eli Teitelbaum was courageous enough to write about it several years ago in his column in the Country Yossi Family Magazine. Teitelbaum quoted several former followers saying that the Rabbi would quiz both them and their spouses thoroughly about every aspect of their sexual lives. Seems like the old pervert got off on that. But as Wilson said, this is more than just plain sexual gratification. Like the rest of the cult leaders Hellbrans sought to have absolute controls over his brainwashed followers, thankfully his inevitable demise was not long in coming.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

I am currently

in the midst of gathering more info. on dangerous predatory individuals within our midst.
Please, if you have any information about anybody do e-mail me at

Thank you.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Is it ever Okay for a Rebbe to hit a child?

Many of us grew up within a culture that overloooked and often condoned corporal punishment (use of physical punishment). Though I believe local law prohibits teachers from laying a hand on their students, many traditional chareidi Yeshivas partcularly Chasidic ones have long had a policy of corporal punishment.

Now while many of us can ultimately forgive and even forget the Rebbe who administered to us an occasional 'frask' or maybe a tap on the knuckes with a stick, where do we draw the line?

I remeber hearing from older members in my family about the horrific state of chassidic education when they were children. Most of the Rebbes in the then tiny embryonic Chassidic chadorim were holocaust survivors who seemed to have learned a thing or two from the kapos at the camps. Most of them were complete "am Haaratzim" and completely incompetent in every way. The stories of their often cruel sadistic behaviour toward their talmidim made my hair stand on end. Though of course there were those who were also kind and sympathetic and who loved these children like their own.

Remember the Rebbe who would preface his beatings with the ridiculous refrain: "this is going to hurt me than its gonna hurt you" ? what about the one that always pointed out that when you were a grown man you will come back to thank him for the 'petch'. Well, obviously something went wrong along the way. People are climbing out of the woodworks years, often decades later to recount disturbing stories of physical abuse at their Yeshivas. Many still bear deep emotional scars from horrific acts of abuse both physical and otherwise that have never healed.

So, in summation:

how do we put a system in place that makes sure that our most precious charges are under the care of competent, caring and professional people?

And is mild corporal punishment (if that exists at all) ever okay?


Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Nachum Klein -Menahel of Krasna Yeshiva in Boro Park , your time has come!

Nachum Klein serves as Menahel of a small Yeshiva in Boro Park called Yeshiva Beis Hillel D'krasna. Klein is a cowardly nazi-like sadistic abuser who seems to derive pleasure out of beating young children. Stories of severe physical abuse as well as his manipulation and intimidation of both children and adults strech back several decades. This man has no business being around kids. He must be brought down before he kills more yiddishe neshamas.

Please e-mail me if you have had any bad experiences with this person. Your e-mail address and your message content will be held strictly confidential.

In my next post, a vivid description of horrific physical abuse at the hands of this monster.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

To all those who would like to contact me

MY email address is

The days of molestors hiding behind beards, peyos and hats are over

When you don't wash your dirty laundry in private , you leave us no choice but to wash them in public.

On this blog I will publicize and update on a regular basis the names and contact info of Child molestors in the frum community.

Oh and to all those who are screaming "lashon hora" and "rechilus" I got 2 things to say to you for now:

1. It has been made abundantly clear that child molestors have the din of rodef to which the laws of L"h do not apply (see R' Elyashiv among others) and indeed it is an aveirah not to hand them over to the proper authorities.

2. I don't think you would be self-righteous if you yourself were a victim or was close to someone who was.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Unconfirmed reports that molester Leizerowiz fled to Israel

Anyone know why all the sewage from here seems to flow in that direction? (with the curious exception of Gafni who fled Israel for the US)

Breaking News!!! "Rabbi A. M. Leizirowitz, Dean of Gerrer Yeshiva in Boro Park has been deposed and ordered back to Israel. Ger had been threatened by a major sex scandal if he weren't removed by the time their rebbe comes to the US next week. They removed him from sheer feer of scandal, not because they realized a molester should not be exposed to children. He is now saying he is leaving because his mother-in-law is not well.

Funny how this high holy sect cares more for their prestige than for the safety and well being of hundreds of young innocent boys. At least the victims are hopping for joy although I cant see how they will feel vindicated without an all out apology from the system or substantial civil settlements. Lawyers start your engines.

A partial list of Rebbes and "mechanchim" guilty of sexual abuse

A.M. Leizerowitz - former dean of Gerrer Mesivta

Yehuda Kolko- former Rebbe at YTT

Rabbi Spiegel- BP Eruv agitator and child molestor.

Rabbi Sikorsky- This is a huge unfolding scandal-more details to follow.

Case of Unidentified student at Rabbi Meiselman's Yeshiva who recently committed suicide.

Yehuda Nussbaum - Rebbe at Yeshiva of Brooklyn an accused child molestor (Rabbi Mandel the Rosh Yeshiva covered up the abuse through threats and intimidation) see more here

Chaim Krauss- former Rebbe at Yeshiva of Brooklyn and Machon Beis Yaakov accused of preying on young boys and young women.

Shlomo Helbrans-Satmar style Rebbe and head of polygamist cult (Lev Tahor) based in Quebec . He is accused of marrying off his underage daughter to a man in his 30's and arranging similar such marriages among members of his cult. He was also involved in the notorious Shai Fhima abduction case, it is also interesting to note Fhima's own allegations that he was sexually molested while living among the cult. (Why isn't Helbrans on the FBI's 10 top most wanted list like that infamous Mormon pepophile cultist from Colorado?)

A Partial list of Yeshiva Rebbes guilty of physical abuse of children

Yosef Wilner- Rebbe at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath accused of severe physical abuse of his young charges.

Nachum Klein- Menahel at Yeshiva Beis Hillel D'krasna accused of severely beating and publicly humiliating 2 elementary school boys at the schools summer camp among other atrocious behaviour.

Rabbi Kugelman- Rebbe at Beer Shmuel and former principal of Krasna Yeshiva

Ephraim Birnhak- Rebbe at Yeshiva Yagdil Torah accused of sadistic actions toward his students.

Meir Birnhak- Son of Ephraim (like father like son) and Rebbe at Yeshiva Or Shraga D'veretzki accused of horrific and sadistic acts toward his students (some as young as 5)

Chaim Epstein- 9th grade Rebbe at Breuers Yeshiva

Aaron Levine- Rebbe at Ner Yisrael of Toronto- accused of violent physical abuse

Yitzchak Lebovitch- Rosh Yeshiva Yashresh Yaakov of Woodridge, NY. Countless former students are said to have "gone off the derech because of him". He has also been accused of homosexual behaviour with some of his students

Leibish Rubin- Menahel of Yeshiva Imrei Yosef Spinka accused of physically abusing students at Spinka Yeshiva in Boro Park

Rabbi Kahan- creator of a popular Yiddish story tapes series and Rebbe at Yeshiva Imrei Yosef Spinka. Accused of physical abuse.

Naftuli Unger -Rebbe at Vien Cheder in Williamburg, Brooklyn accused-among other things- of violently assaulting a student (who incidentally was a top student with no previous "criminal record")

Allegation of severe physical abuse by unidentified melamdim at Tosh Cheder and Bobov cheder in Toronto

Rabbi Elefant -unidentified yeshiva, physical abuser

Rabbi Sekula - Rabbi and administrator at Yeshiva Torah Vodaath. Calls himself "Sadavna Rebbe". Serious allegations have been leveled against him for ignoring complaints about violent rebbes at the Yeshiva.

Rabbi Yaakov Mandel -Dean of Yeshiva of Brooklyn accused of a host of improper and outright irresponsible beahviour including covering up for and protecting a sex predator in his Yeshiva. Several former students claim to be no longer frum because of him.

Joel Braverman - Principal of Yeshiva of Flatbush accused of violently assaulting students.

More to come.